Water Management Plan

The District first memorialized its water conservation efforts with a published plan in 1988. The plan has been periodically updated and revised, with the last re-write occurring in 2002. Updates are completed annually.

Keystone water management and conservation practices implemented in the District include:

  • A tiered block pricing strategy to manage surface and groundwater supplies
  • Participation in a cooperative on-farm irrigation evaluation program
  • Instituting improvements in the delivery system to allow for flexibility based on grower demand
  • Implementation of a computerized water order entry and management program for District water users
  • Water meter measurements tabulated through hand-held data recorders
  • Development and construction of a remote telemetry system for all pumping plants
  • The design, field-testing, and installation of pressure-compensating turnouts for on-farm deliveries of District water.

For more information,  download the complete Water Management Plan.