Supply Prorates

The Friant Division water supply is an extreme variable from year-to-year. With little or no annual carryover storage available in any given year, the water supply to the District is dependant on hydrologic conditions that make up each year.

With the largest Class 1 water supply under contract (108,800 acre-feet) and a smaller less-firm Class 2 contract (74,500 acre-feet), DEID is well positioned to provide adequate surface water deliveries to its water users in most years. However, that is not always the case.

In years where there is an inadequate water supply to meet the total demand in the district, a water supply "prorate" is declared. In such years, the available supply is equally split among all eligible acres in the District.

To see if the District has any current prorates in effect, please visit the Important District Notices section under District News.