Crop Survey

Growers within the District produce crops with a gross value exceeding 364 million dollars annually, which by the most conservative of estimates translates to over one billion dollars that is injected into the economies of the region. The vast majority of this crop value, 358 million dollars, is produced by permanent, non-subsidized, long-term crops. Less than 1 percent of the total crop value comes from crops that are part of any USDA crop-support program.

There are over 27 different crops in the District. Over 90% are planted to permanent crops, most notable are wine and table grapes (58%), almonds (18%) and other fruit, and nut tree crops (9%). Only 11% of land in the district is non-irrigated acreage. In 2007, vacant land amounted to 5% with a peak of 18% in 2002.