The District was constructed in three separate units between 1951-1955. With age comes maintenance.

District employees primarily complete any required maintenance, while outside contractors are primarily used for preventative and predictive maintenance on motor control centers, pumps, and pump motors.

Long-term maintenance needs of grower delivery points, (called turnouts) were addressed in a 3-year renovation project that involved the reconstruction of all aboveground components. Replacement of piping, operating valves, and installation of new water meters were the primary features of the $3 million project that began in 1999.

The District also reconstructed 10 motor control centers located on pump laterals throughout the District. These motor control centers were the original units and were replaced with state-of-the-art electronic motor controls, including soft starts and stops.

Meter maintenance on each turnout that supplies water to District growers is also a high priority. The District currently contracts for in-field meter calibration with the goal o having each District meter calibrated not less than every 4 years. Also on the Districtís maintenance plans is the conversion to solid state, digital meters at each turnout.

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