District System

The District's irrigation water distribution system is completely pipelined, with all customer deliveries having water meters. The system includes 172 miles of rubber-gasket, reinforced concrete pipe with diameters ranging from 84" to 12" in size. The District has 608 agricultural delivery points (turnout) and 51 smaller metered delivers to municipal and industrial water users. Our system allows the District to make water deliveries with virtually no losses, thus creating an extremely efficient water delivery project that is the foundation for the District's overall water conservation and management program. The premise of this highly efficient District distribution system has been extended to many of the District's growers through on-farm use of drip, micro-jet, and micro-sprinkler irrigation system technology.

Another new technology used to keep the system up-to-date and deliveries reliable is the float system. It prevents system failure and enhances the conservation effort. To learn more about the float system, Click Here.