Board of Directors

Division 1 - Director Kelley Hampton

Kelley was appointed to the Board in November of 2004 to complete the unexpired term of previous Board member Anthony Lindner. Kelley farms 160 acres of almonds, the same property that his father has farmed since 1955.

Division 2 - Director Nick Canata

Nick began serving on the Board in 1994. He has been farming for the past 23 years in Tulare and Kern County farming table grapes. Nick also has a farm management company in which he farms various permanent crops for other District landowners.

Division 3 - Director Harold Nelson

Harold succeeded his father as director for Division 3 in January 1990. He owns and operates 340 acres of land that is primarily planted in grapes. Harold is also very active in a number of farmer cooperatives and agricultural and water entities. He serves as President of the Board of Directors.

Division 4 - Director Anton Caratan

Anton farms, with his father in the District, land that includes acreage that was originally farmed by his grandfather in the early 1900's. Primary crops produced are table and wine grapes. Operating under the family business name of A. Caratan and Son, the family also operates a cold storage facility in the District.

Division 5 - Director Peter Hronis

Peter is a third generation grower in this District. Peter farms with his brother and mother in Tulare and Kern counties under the name of Jim Hronis & Sons. In addition to growing grapes, alfalfa, and vegetables, Jim Hronis & Sons are major packers and shippers of the Delano area produce. Peter was recently elected as Vice President of the Board.